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امسترشام للحلويات والقشطة والبوظة العربية

Who are we ?

In September 2015, Ahmad Badawi arrived in the Netherlands from Syria.

him and his family are originally ice cream makers in Damascus. His father still has
becoming a factory and shops. His two brothers and Dutch sister are in the business
active. He will receive Dutch citizenship on 1 March.
He founded Amstersham in November 2018 as a sole proprietor.
In the meantime, he and the various employees are a close-knit team. Our first factory is located on the
Schellingweg 19M in Zaandam.
In March 2021 we started a store on the
Bazaar in Beverwijk (see photo on the right).
Due to lack of space and expansion,
we opened a second factory on 1 February
taken into use at Penningweg 77EF te

What are our products?

We have various products that we produce. We will be the 5 biggest products describe for you.

ice cream (busa)
The Arabian ice cream is a very traditional product. It will be
completely handmade in our factory. The ice is fuller and
more powerful than the ice cream that is available in the Netherlands.

Our customer's favorite dish

Qatayef Asafiri


Qatayef will come



Koeshta is a kind of cream sheet and a delicacy in the

Arab world. It is made by us in the factory
produced. It is used in various sweets
Due to the large demand for this product, we are
so expanded with a 2nd factory.


Kasetta is ice cream covered in a sponge cake layer.

We make this sponge cake ourselves in the factory,
put it in a shape and fill it with 3
types of ice cream and then close it again
with sponge cake. We finish it for decoration
with pistachio and/or chocolate

Baklava (Arabic)

Unlike the Turkish baklava, we use in our

baklava lots of nuts and less sugar. This gives a
completely different taste.
Until August last year we made all the baklava ourselves,
but given the high cost of both raw materials and
staff, now let’s take the majority (approx. 7-10
tons per month) in Turkey. Of course we make
still part in our factory in Zaandam.


We produce about 5 different types of cookies ourselves in our
factory. Some of these cookies are filled with date paste,
pistachio or walnuts

Where do our products go?
We have a very large sales area outside the Netherlands; Germany, Belgium, France,
Austria, Denmark, Finland and England.
Shop at Admiraal de Ruijterweg 273A in Amsterdam
In addition to the sale of our above-mentioned products, we will also
started producing shawarma in this store. We have a professional for this
shawarma maker already employed. In addition, we will sheep fun with beautiful
interior and cozy dining places for the customers.
With kind regards,
Ahmad Badawi and team


Meet Our Barista

ِAbo Sari

⁦Ahmad Badawi 

+31 6 57677919⁩

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